Failures of The Best & The Brightest

I felt a small sense of Schadenfreude when reading about European politics throughout 2016. Perhaps other Americans felt the same way: there was something deeply satisfying about watching the right wing ride on a wave of populist anger at austerity in Hungary, France, and most spectacularly in the UK. Without thinking too much about the … Continue reading Failures of The Best & The Brightest

Ideologies, Diversity, and Universities

This past week, my former campus—the University of Chicago—has been caught in a awkward situation. A number of private emails from a Greek Life organization dated from 2011 to 2015 were leaked. In these emails were several racial slurs and broad generalizations about women. What struck me about this incident were several things: That they were … Continue reading Ideologies, Diversity, and Universities

Politics and Ethics in the Digital Era

I remember a comment my mother often made in the early years of the Bush administration. Living in the heathen amoral hellhole that is New York, there was little question about the liberal socialist feminist perspectives of all our close friends, and in the early '00s, some of them sought brief refuge by reminiscing about the … Continue reading Politics and Ethics in the Digital Era

Notes on Eurocentrism and Its Avatars

Immanuel Wallerstein, "Eurocentrism and Its Avatars: The Dilemmas of Social Science"New Left Review, 1997 Eurocentrism has a prominent relation to the academy. The Western university remains the premiere space for the academy, and hardly an educational space exists anymore that doesn't mirror some element of Western curriculums and educations. The concept of research as we do it … Continue reading Notes on Eurocentrism and Its Avatars

Freedom of Speech is Digital: thoughts on Yale and Missouri

When all is said and done, we will likely look back on 2015 as the year that universities became re-politicized. With the renewal of focus on domestic structures that have significantly hurt Black people and women from 2010 to 2014, and the earlier antecedents of the "culture wars" throughout American institutions and spaces, the college … Continue reading Freedom of Speech is Digital: thoughts on Yale and Missouri

Agency and the Environment

Joyce Chaplin, " Ogres and Omnivores: Early American Historians and Climate History" The William and Mary Quarterly 72:1 (2015): Sam White, " Shewing the Difference betweene their conjuration and our invocation on the name of God for rayne": Weather, Prayer and Magic in Early American Encounters," 72:1 (2015): Marcy Norton, "The Chicken or the Iegue: Human-Animal … Continue reading Agency and the Environment