My name is Marley-Vincent Lindsey. I am, broadly speaking, a historian and a writer. My research is focused on the development of religious political identities and economic exploitation in the late fourteenth to late seventeenth centuries of Spain and the Americas. If you’re looking for a more precise formulation of my research, see the research statement.

I’m currently a PhD student at Brown University, and a regular contributor at Cyborgology. I’m also teaching in minimum security at the Adult Correctional Institutions in Cranston, RI, and working to help unionization of graduate students here at Brown. This site is my space on the web. It contains my CV, writing I’ve done, book reviews, PDFs of sources, and reflections on contemporary issues as I see fit.

I didn’t so much learn how to *do* history in college as I did learn about what it meant to be a social scientist. I worked briefly for a professor in sociology for a summer, and spent about a year doing research for a professor in political science at Chicago. My main mentors in history were all actively using other disciplines to understand their framing of historical problems. As such, I typically frame history as a set of methodologies rather than a disciplinary enclave (although I happily reside in one now), which encourages me to ask more general questions about society. My writing is geared towards critically evaluating the ebbs and flows of a history that anticipates the present moments. I’m currently working on a brief outline of this perspective on history.

If you’re looking to get in touch, email is your best bet (marley-vincent_lindsey@brown.edu), although Twitter is a good alternative.


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