“We are the People of the Enlightenment”: Hebdo, and the Left

"In this field of inquiry, 'sociological theory' has still to find its way, by a difficult effort of theoretical clarification, through the Scylla of reductionism which must deny almost everything in order to explain something and the Charybdis of a pluralism so mesmerized by 'everything' that it cannot explain anything. To those willing to labor … Continue reading “We are the People of the Enlightenment”: Hebdo, and the Left


New-Age Rationalism, and the Historical Question

I've been thinking about a problem of methodology over the past couple of weeks. This problem pits two classic opponents against each others: anecdotes versus data. Data has become one of the buzzwords of the twenty first century, where our ability to build worlds based on information has become formidable. This development has been phrased well … Continue reading New-Age Rationalism, and the Historical Question

Brave and Safe Spaces: bell hooks + Laverne Cox

bell hooks + Laverne Cox I’ve recently found myself advertising a talk from November between bell hooks and Laverne Cox. This was part of a series hosted by bell hooks while she was at the New School, and I cannot emphasize how powerful, salient and accessible these talks are. To give a list of names, … Continue reading Brave and Safe Spaces: bell hooks + Laverne Cox

#Ferguson and #Liabilityofthemind

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had the fortune to seriously think about what’s both going on in terms of the campaign instigated by #liabilityofthemind, Ferguson, and the broader context of activism. Between the local and national modes of change and activity against the neoliberal reactionary period in which we find ourselves, there are … Continue reading #Ferguson and #Liabilityofthemind

The Good Colonist Myth

The *real* historical research I do is extremely specific in its nature: 16th century trans-Atlantic colonialism; specifically looking at the roles of religious influence in colonial institutions within the Spanish context. It's the sort of stuff I've been told to keep on the back burner as I apply for jobs, attend cocktail parties and generally … Continue reading The Good Colonist Myth

Cramblett vs. Midwest Sperm Bank

I. Narratives and Political Order On September 29, Jennifer L. Cramblett filed a suit against the Midwest Sperm Bank for “Wrongful Birth and Breach of Warranty against Defendant.” Where the expecting couple had picked a “blond hair blue-eyed individual” to resemble the non-biological partner, the mix-up had led to the conception of a bi-racial child. … Continue reading Cramblett vs. Midwest Sperm Bank

The Hyde Park List

~~~~~Trigger/Cover Warnings: This post is concerned with the Hyde Park List Tumblr, and general topics of rape and sexual assault. There are no graphic scenes described or depicted. However, some of the studies go into a little more detail with what constitutes what and where. So if descriptions trigger you, please please please be careful … Continue reading The Hyde Park List