(Some) things I’ve written in other spaces:


January 2015, “The Politics of Pokémon: Socialized Gaming, Religious Themes and the Construction of Communal Narratives


April, 2016 Moderator for “Infinite Scroll,” at Theorizing the Web, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VzQcXJvHf4

October 2015, “Imagined Histories: Race and Religion in Early Modern Spain and the Atlantic World 1449-1550

October 2014, “Christianity and Cultural Hegemony: The Role of the Encomienda in Cultural Assimilation


January, 2017 Cyborgology “Cultural Studies, 1983 and Now: Stuart Hall’s Cultural Studies, 1983

January, 2017 Cyborgology Fake News and the Aesthetic of Objectivity

December, 2016 The Junto, “A View From the Past: The Contingencies of Racialization in 15th and 16th century Iberia.”

October, 2016 Cyborgology “Parting Ways with Pepe? Anti-Semitism and the Medium of Memes

October, 2016 Jacobin “The Story of Columbus

September, 2016 JacobinHow Unions Change Universities